In Okinawa, you’re sure to find a diving spot that meets your every desire.

Okinawa’s waters are packed with all things diving.
From underwater vistas to other delights, it’s no exaggeration that Okinawa has everything a diver could imagine.
Seas where all of divers’ dreams come true

Make your diving dreams come true in Okinawa’s diverse seas! Ten diving dreams

Meet the large sea creatures of your dreams!
When you think of Okinawa’s large sea creatures, the manta ray immediately comes to mind.
While Ishigaki-jima Island’s “Kabiraishi-zaki Cape Manta Scramble” is a famous spot for mantas, the creatures can be encountered all around Okinawa, including Iriomote-jima Island, the Kerama Islands, and Miyako-jima Island.
Sea turtles (popular with beginners) can be seen here and there throughout the island, and hammerhead sharks make their appearance in Yonaguni in the winter season.
Encounters with the much sought-after whale shark are rare in Okinawa and reserved for only the luckiest of divers.

A mystical experience at a geographic formation
Okinawa’s islands are home to many “geographic spots,” locations where you can feel the earth’s dynamism.
The blue gradation, created by intermingling light and darkness, is a wondrous sight to behold.

I want to be surrounded by schools of fish!
Open water dive spots are a migratory fish paradise.
Barracuda tornadoes and bigeye trevally whirlpools
Log-like dogtooth tuna zip to and fro.
If you can read the current (following the instructions of your guide), you may be able to get up close and personal with these creatures!
If the current is too fast you’ll have to grab a rock and observe from a distance. But don’t despair—you’ll be witness to a breathtaking scene of sharks and migratory fish swimming back and forth.

I want to be refreshed by a beautiful coral sea….
Shoals and reef tops are a coral paradise.
A reef covered in robust coral, sparkling in a curtain of light, is circled by tropical fish. Scenes like this make Okinawa’s waters a truly refreshing space.
Just looking at the beautiful hard and soft corals will lift your spirits.

I want to take my time photographing macro creatures
Some divers want to see a manta ray, while others just want to look quietly for sea slugs.
Whether your dreams are on a large or small scale, Okinawa can make them happen.
Divers who just want to float and snap pictures are, of course, welcome as well.
With its abundance of diverse formations, you’re sure to find the creature you’re looking for in Okinawa.
Whether you’re looking to snap photos of crustaceans like shrimp and crabs or you just want to get up close with anthias, guides with the right skill sets can help you meet your specific diving goals.
Find a dive shop that suits your goals.

I’m happy just going under; I like to experience that floating sensation
The warm, exceptionally clear waters of Okinawa are totally stress-free.
Hovering above the white sandy bottom while being bathed in sunlight, you experience the ultimate floating sensation.
It’s no wonder many divers in Okinawa say “I’m just happy to go under.”

Watching intense fights between males broadclub cuttlefish is one of Okinawa’s seasonal delights

Okinawa is also home to a variety of moray eels, popular among foreign divers
Aim for that decisive moment!
In Okinawa, divers often witness important natural events in the life of sea creatures.
These dramatic sights include fights over females, coloration for attracting mates, spawning, caring for young, and other scenes of life.
Diving with an understanding of ecology is double the fun!

Hone your diving skills with technical diving!
Dive at depths of over 40 meters, or even through caves….
Such activities surpass the limits of fun diving, falling in the realm of technical diving.
There are diving shops that teach these skills, so if you’re interested why not give it a shot?
You’ll be able to do more underwater, increasing your diving enjoyment.
Take rebreather diving, for example. Instead of being noisily expelled, exhaled air is recycled, allowing divers to approach even the most cautious of creatures.

I want my fill of boating and the beach!
In Okinawa, the diversity of diving spots is matched by the diversity of diving styles.
Diving styles include boat diving, where you set out to the open ocean on a large diving cruiser, and beach diving, where you enjoy leisurely dives along the coast taken at your own pace.
In Okinawa’s seas you can dive to your heart’s content. There are a wide variety of styles available to meet your goals and preferences.

I want to make friends/a boyfriend/a girlfriend! I want to have fun with my friends!
The ocean and diving are fantastic tools for communication.
Brought together by a shared interest, divers open up to one another quickly, even with perfect strangers.
People often make friends and even form romantic relationships in Okinawa. They say that chances are highest in the southern islands.
And if you’re coming to Okinawa with a friend, that friendship is sure to deepen as you share your diving goals and have fun together.
Okinawa also offers such events as the awamori sink and drink, in which you and your companions submerge a bottle of awamori alcohol under the water, and then assemble a year later to drink it together.
Separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, become a kid again and enjoy an escape from the ordinary!

Photo by Takaji Ochi

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