Model plan to trip to Okinawa.

Model plan to trip to Okinawa.

Choice from beach and access Okinawa trip plan.
The Majority of Okinawa has a subtropical climate. However, there are regions that are considered tropical.As a result, Okinawa is the most popular resort destination for diving in Japan.
Naha air port in central Okinawa has many direct flight from Asia and convenient to go to diving.
It is also easy to access from Europe and the United States via connecting flights from Asia.
In addition, There are many direct flight to Naha airport from Haneda airport in Tokyo. The Flight from Haneda is only about two and a half hours long.“Okinawa" represents over 160 islands, not just one. There are over 20 islands can diving between the biggest island, Yonaguni where is the westernmost inhabited island of Japan and Hateruma which is the southern-most inhabited island in Japan.
There are many diving shop that have easy access and reasonable, Okinawa. You can enjoy diving for a short trip as two nights from many cities in Japan.
Ishigaki island which has direct flight, is the one of the easy access diving area, but you will probably need more time if you don’t have a direct flight.
Each diving point at the beach has a specialty, so you need to research what kind of diving possible while planning your trip.

Check it out "attractive ocean" and “Each Diving point"

When do you dive? Season of Okinawa
It is said that the best season for diving in Okinawa is from the end of June through September, but there is excellent diving throughout the year.
The weather is good and stable from the beginning of March to the beginning of May. This time also coincides with great ocean conditions around the islands.
From the middle of May to the middle of June the weather and ocean conditions are less predictable, since it is the rainy season. However, some divers prefer this time, because there are fewer tourist during this season.
Between July and October is the season of tropical storms. Good diving can be found during this time if your trip is absent of such storms.
From October, the weather is less stable and high winds can occur. However, even during this time there are pockets of good diving that can be found throughout the Okinawa Islands.
In other words, there is no bad season for diving in Okinawa.
Book to the shop directly , Use Package Plan , Choice of Plan
There are three main plans. One is the package tour for only diving. The second includes both the diving package and hotel accommodations. The final plan includes diving, lodging, and airfare. Any of these options can be booked directly with a diving shop.
It is convenient for the divers who will be diving for first time in Okinawa or have not selected a diving shop to book a package tour.
If you have interest in a particular diving shop or hotel, you can book with them directly. If you don’t have any particular preference in diving shop, there are many reasonably-priced package tours that include airfare and accommodations.
Recently, it is also easy to make a reservation through online diving sites.
Shortest Trip! Three days and two nights at Okinawa Island
Day 1 Early morning: Travel to Naha airport from other cities.
Afternoon: Diving. (Twice at the closest beach)
Day 2 All day diving. (Possible to dive at Kerama Islands)
Day 3 Sightseeing around the island.
Return home.
Four days and three nights at Isolated Island
Day 1 Early morning: Travel to isolated islands from other cities directly.
 Travel to isolated islands via plane or ship.
Afternoon: possible to diving if you have a direct flight to isolated islands.
 If you have transit, enjoy islands.
Day 2 and 3 All day diving.
Day 4 Sightseeing around the islands (If you have direct flights.)
Return home. (If you have transit.)

Diving Style at Okinawa

Plentiful Variation Diving Styles at Okinawa
“Okinawa” represents over 160 islands, not just one. So, there are abundant diving spots.
There are many diving styles around Okinawa. These include beach diving, boat diving, relaxing dives around sand bars, and drift diving for big game.
To begin, check the attractive Okinawa beach and choose the beach which best suits the type of diving you’d like to do.
With a Guide for One or Two Times Diving for a Day Typical Boat Diving
The most common diving style in Japan is diving with a guide. Some places do not allow diving without a guide, so please ask to the diving shop if you want “Buddy Dive.”
Like Okinawa Island, some parts are popular for beach diving, but in many other areas boat diving is more popular.

There are two main schedules.

Small or middle-size boat and close to the point from the port. After diving in the morning, you’ll return to the port for lunch. Then, you’ll dive again after lunch.

Using a bigger boat to go to isolated islands This trip uses a larger boat boat to travel to isolated islands. After diving in the morning, you’ll take a break on the boat or deserted island. After lunch, you can continue diving.

After diving, return to the shop and memo to divers log book and go back to the hotel afternoon.
* In Japan, post-diving logging is popular and considered a good chance to communicate with fellow divers. As such, it is included as part of the diving experience. However, if you want to go back to the hotel immediately following your dive, just let your guide know.

Sample Diving Schedule in Okinawa (Okinawa Island)

Check the daily schedule
STARTarrival at Naha airport

After arriving at Naha Airport, you’ll check into your hotel. Then, you can begin diving the next day.
* It is possible to diving the same day if you arrive early in the day, but you need to contact the diving shop to coordinate.
8:00Pick up at the hotel.
Most diving shop will pick you from your hotel. Typically, we meet at the port or meet at the diving shop.

All Okinawa Islands have diving points. It is also popular to go to Kerama Island. The pick up time depends of where you stay, where you diving, and the port where you use.
Please be punctual to your pickup time, because the car will pick up guest at various hotels.
When you leave the hotel in the morning, usually don’t come back to the hotel until finished diving. Please don’t forget the stuff you need to diving
Access time ■ By car : Popular diving points from Naha.
» Sunabe : approximately 40 minutes
» Onna-son : approximately 50 minutes
» Kourijima : approximately 90 minutes

■ By ship : Popular diving spot at Kerama Island from Naha.
» Tokashiki Island : approximately 35 minutes
» Zamami Island : approximately 50 minutes
9:00Setting at the port
Before diving, we’ll need to confirm your application, C-card, and health in the diving shop, car, or port.
When you arrive at the port, set up the tank which have been prepared for you.
Set up on land and bring to the tank to the boat or set up after get on the boat.

9:30After briefing, let’s go to the diving point!

Before sailing, we will have briefing time which tells how to use the boat, explains the schedule, diving points, gives words of caution, etc…
If the diving spot is close, the briefing will be held on land. There are some briefing after arrive at the diving spots. This briefly will expand on the good points at the current location, current water conditions, the dive schedule, confirm the rules, and provide more details.

get on the boat with tanks

Many Japanese boats don’t have a bathroom or roof, so usually they return to port between dives. Make sure to bring your sun protection.
There are many types of boats, but mainly Japanese boats or cruisers are used. Japanese boats are highly maneuverable and usually used for close diving spot. The deck of these boats is large, the side of a boat (gunwale) is low, and scaffolding of ship is flat.
Cruisers are fast and have a bathroom and a space to dry, so they are suited to tour of isolated island or for trip s needing breaks on the boat.
10:00DIVE 1

Let’s get in the beautiful Okinawa sea!!

Okinawa Diving Memo ■ When we use Japanese ship that side of a boat (gunwale) is low, usually will do bankroll. On the other hand, Cruiser which has ladder at back deck, usually will giant stride.
■ In Japan, “group diving” style is also popular. The guide not only to guides the dive but also manages the safety of every dive. Of course, you need to manage your own safety, but the guide will periodically check with you to determine your remaining pressure, so that he can best plan the remainder of the course.

We usually diving easy point at first one. Some diving shop has checking diving.

Boats are normally moored at a buoy. The anchor lines make it easy to descend, safety-stop, and surface.

In the case of using Japanese boat, when it’s time to exit, staff will extend the ladder. The staff members will assist each diver exiting the water.
In general way, we do safety stop, surfacing and exit as same time as group. Following the guide about timing and method. When we exit, some guides will help you take your fin off, so we can exit smoothly together.
11:30Lunch Time
There are variety of pattern of lunch.
If you go back to the port after finishing the first dive, it is common to eat at nearby restaurant or diving shop. If you go to an isolated island, we will have lunch on the boat or the island.

It is great to have lunch next to the beautiful Okinawa sea.

Okinawa soba is a light meal. It is recommend to eat before second diving.
13:00DIVE 2
Let’s have more fun in the Okinawa beach!
Even if you only have short time, you can have fun like this!! Okinawa Island diving point memo
Outstanding visibility ! feel a freedom like you are flying in the sky The white sands and clear water around Okinawa make diving feel like flying in the sky.

white sand in the sea of Okinawa, you feel floating like you are flying in the sky

For more transparen detail see

Mystical experience the great point with light and beautiful land features

When you go to the entrance, center hole of bottom of the sea, it is mysterious world with light and shaping.

For more cave detail see

For more terrain detail see

you will think about the history at the point of shipwreck.

The wreck of USS EMMONS lies in 43M of water off Kouri Island at the north of Okinawa Island. In World War Ⅱ, it was damaged by Japanese kamikaze attacks and was sunk to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. The name of the crew members is engraved on a plate at the site.

For more wreck detail see

The world leading fish watching

Fish watching during diving is popular in Japan. There are many guides who have good knowledge of sea creatures. It is a good opportunity to see the interesting creatures.

For more big detail see

For more macro detail see

Even if only Okinawa Island, there are many beautiful diving spots.
Okinawa Island includes many isolated islands that are a world-class diving heaven.
14:30Return to the port
Get ready to go back once retuning to port.
Clean the diving equipment, take a shower, then return to the diving shop.

There are variety of facility. Some ports have shower and lockers, but some places only a hose. You can use diving shop facility, if its close to the port. If we use a big cruiser, it has shower and you can change clothes aboard the boat on the way back to port.
If you want to know more detail of facility, please check in advance.

It is logging time in the diving shop.
In Japan (Okinawa), post-dive logging is considered an important part of the experience. It is a chance to not only record data about the dive, but also remember where you saw creatures and other interesting features. The logging time also helps you learn more about the area in which you dove and will make your next dive more fun.
Logging is a good time to share the wonderful experience with other divers. Diving is a global sport. Let’s have fun talking about the ocean!!
17:00Go back to the hotel by courtesy car
Diving tour is done when you return to the hotel.
Depending on the diving shop hosting the tour, you might have dinner together with other divers.
18:00After diving things to do
There are many choices of things to do in Okinawa after diving.Enjoy the resort, relax at the Minsyuku (Japanese style hotel) surrounding at the nature. If you you’d like more activity and want to enjoy the culture and foods in Okinawa, we recommend you stay in Naha.
If you visit at Okinawa at first time, how about enjoying the Okinawa foods with Shima Uta live?

Welcome to join the Okinawa live and dance together. Please enjoy with Japanese foods and Okinawa foods!
Schedule sample with three dives around Okinawa.
8:00 Pick up at hotel
8:30 Meet up at diving shop or the port
8:45 leave a port, briefing
10:00 DIVE1
11:00 Break (surface of the water)
12:00 DIVE2
13:00 Lunch (surface of the water)
14:30 DIVE3
15:30 Back to the port after exit
16:30 arrival at the port
17:00 Logging at the diving shop
18:00 Return to the hotel

Sightseeing at Okinawa at last day

Check point at Okinawa International street at Naha The last day, if you can’t go diving.
If you visiting Okinawa for the first time, we recommend that you visit International Street in Naha This street is actually about 1mile (1.6km) in the busiest district in Okinawa, You will see many shops and restaurants.
You have to stop at “Dai ichi Makishi kousetu ichiba “ (Market, Food Court and Drink Shop) This market is the most popular sightseeing spot for tourist. You can see all fresh foods of Okinawa at once.

You can pick out fresh sea food on the first floor, then have it prepared on the second floor.

Popular with tourist from overseas, Trial Ryukyu Karate

You could have a lot of fun on both land and sea in Okinawa.
Please visit Okinawa if you are a diver!!

Photo by Takuya Nakamura

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