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The Kuroshio current (black current) is the world`s largest north flowing warm ocean current which moves northward from the equatorial.
As you can see how the main spot in the Churaumi Aquarium is where the kuroshio sea tank is located, the islands of Okinawa are deeply influenced by this kuroshio current.

This warm kuroshio current brings high water temperature and beautiful clarity to the water and from this Okinawa is also called “coral paradise” and “Churaumi” which means beautiful ocean. Okinawa also has another side to it which is the “ocean of big sea creatures.”
So in diving points where there are good currents flowing, it might be your lucky chance of meeting the big creatures of the ocean!

The Kuroshio current which brings high water temperature and clear ocean waters are essentials for corals to grow, and the beautiful coral reefs symbolize the richness of Okinawa ocean

Top 3 popular large sea creatures of every diver`s dream!

If you look up from the ocean floor, you can see the dancing Manta rays
The most popular large sea creature is the Manta ray.
The best chance of meeting the Manta ray would be when it is feeding or having a clean up.
The chances are rare where you can see them feeding on plankton with their big mouths wide open, but there are high chances of coming across Manta rays when the cleaner fish are giving them a clean up.
In famous cleaning stations such as the “Manta scramble”(divingpoint) in Ishigaki Island, if you await at the ocean floor, the Manta rays dance gracefully above your head.
If you`re lucky you may even be able to see a number of Manta rays swim in a circle which is called the “Manta mating train”.
There are high chances you will come across the Manta rays in Iriomote island and also in other islands. The pleasure of diving in Okinawa is that Manta rays can be encountered quite often.

If you`re lucky you may be able to have a one in a life time experience to swim with the wild Whales!
If the Manta rays are like the idols of the ocean, the Whales would be the big Hollywood stars you would love to meet one day!
Okinawa is also famous for the breath taking wild whale watching which can be done during the end of December till beginning of April.

Although whale watching is famous in Zamami, Tokashiki and Kumejima Island, if you are a lucky diver you may have the chance to swim with wild Whales!

Sometimes you can hear wild whales singing when you dive.
Last but not least is the world`s largest fish the “Whale shark”.
Unfortunately you rarely come across them during diving, but if you ever do you are super lucky!
You can try your luck in diving hoping you might encounter the Whale shark someday, or there are other ways you can definitely meet them.

In Yomitan-son there is a place where you can dive with Whale sharks inside fixed nets, or you can always go to the famous Churaumi aquarium!

Also in Yonaguni island during the winter season, you can see schools of Hammer head sharks.

Big sea creatures you can encounter often

The Okinawa Sea turtles are friendly. You can swim up really close to them.
Sea turtles are idols of the sea which you can meet often in the Okinawa ocean.

Zamami,Tokashiki,Tonaki and the Main island of Okinawa are places where you can almost always encounter with Sea turtles.

The big school of Bigeye trevally

The dynamic Barracuda tornado
Drop offs where the current hits you can expect to come across large migratory fish.
Witnessing huge schools of Dogtooth tuna, Giant trevally, Barracuda and Bigeye trevally making whirlpools right in front of your eyes is simply overwhelming!

The spawning Broadclub cuttlefish
To observe the ecology of sea creatures is one of the pleasures of diving. The Broadclub cuttlefish is a very interesting creature to observe.

It is a large type of cuttlefish and is famous in Okinawa for its spawning season ,which begins in spring, till the eggs hatch.

Especially when the males fight over the female during courtship and mating season, they can be seen changing in a range of colors and textures and also tangling each other`s legs and arms which is something worth seeing!
The Okinawa ocean is abundant with other kinds of sea creatures as well such as the Indo-Pacific sailfish, Spotted eagle ray, and the Napoleon fish(Humphead wrasse).In Okinawa you have the chance to meet almost any kind of large sea creature that are every diver`s dream!
You can aim to meet your favorite sea creature in the Okinawa ocean, or you can just simply enjoy every precious encounter you experience with the various sea creatures of Okinawa during each dive.
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Photo by Takuya Nakamura

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