Island close to the people and coral

Okinawa diving, known for its high accessibility
Accessibility has many different meanings, such as “approachability,” “ease of access,” “ease of use,” and “convenience of public transportation.”
But broken down further, its meaning is closer to “an atmosphere of openness and freedom for all things.”
Two and a half hours from Tokyo! At any rate, it’s close by! Okinawa, about two and a half hours from Haneda
Okinawa’s outer islands are also very accessible. And for most of these islands, you can now go diving on the very day you leave Tokyo.
At just two and a half hours away, you can be submerged in a subtropical ocean on the very day you leave the city.
While common for Japanese tourists, from a global perspective this level of accessibility is quite the luxury.

Okinawa’s dive shops have an established diving style In the diving Mecca that is Okinawa, diving has been established as not just a simple guide industry, but as a true service industry whose tangible and intangible sides have both been fully developed.
Okinawa also has many diving boats, equipped not only with essential diving gear, but various amenities including flat bottoms for easy gear setup, places to lay cameras, ladders for easy entry into the water, and even free drinks.
In Japan, where diving with a guide is the norm, guides take very good care of their clients. It’s a surprising level of hospitality that has some foreign divers exclaiming “they’ll even do this for me?!”

Okinawa’s stress-free seas Okinawa is liberating for the body and mind.
It has the uncanny ability to make people kinder and gentler than usual.
It must be Okinawa’s warm climate and sea.
And divers can enjoy outstandingly clean, pleasant, and stress-free seas.

Before you know it you’ll be playing around in Okinawa’s waters like you were a kid again

Lunch time and login time are full of fun conversation
On your trip to Okinawa you’ll enjoy not only the ocean, but interacting with other divers and the locals, as well as other amusements The climate and natural beauty aren’t the only aspects of Okinawa that open people’s hearts.
Like Okinawa’s kind old men and women, divers, too, will feel the walls around their hearts swept away by the ocean.
People brought together by shared interests. Another great part of diving in Okinawa is watching your circle of diving friends expand, starting with your guide.

In Okinawa, the fun doesn’t stop when the dive is over. Many divers look forward to Okinawa’s traditional culture and food during their visits. But Okinawa’s amusements are as varied as its waters.
Whether exploring its lively towns or taking in its scenic beauty, you’ll enjoy your stay in Okinawa.
With a number of lodging styles meeting your budget and needs, you can enjoy an affordable seaside vacation.

Photo by Takaji Ochi

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