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Chilling after bath in the sea!? The submarine spring in Ishigaki Island which only the divers can enjoy.

The ultimate secret hot spring!?
Do you know that the hot spring is coming from the bottom of Ishigaki island?

There is the submarine spring off the north of Taketomi Island where 15minutes by boat from Ishigaki island.

I’m always enjoying the morning bathing because I’m not able to take a bath to be relaxed during diving interview.

Today’s guide is Ms. Mihasu Taguchi who joined the diving shop 「Diving Team Unarizaki」2years ago.

「Let’s go to the submarine spring, but you must not get cold after a bath!!」

In the past, I have been diving several times with points with names such as “submarine hot spring” and places where something has popped up from the bottom of the sea, but to be honest I have never felt it is warm, and I have never received the briefing “Be careful for the cold after a bath”.

This submarine hot spring is located about 20m deep, north of Taketomi Island, about 1km offshore from the east port.

As I entered and swam a little further, I saw an unusual scene where white sand shaped a lot of small mountains.

When you go beyond the thermocline
There was a hot spring……!?

After that, the depth of the water drops gently in a mortar shape, and it looks like a tube-like object comes out of the seabed at about 20 m, but is it tiredness or something with a poor visibility? My eyes are blurred.

It is not tiredness…but thermocline?

Speaking of the thermocline, it is generally a signal of “If you go further the water will be colder”, but here it is a sign of “If you go further, you will be dizzy”.

Named “Temperature Thermoline”, it is breathless when entering

Even though the hot spring was a little chilled with seawater, it spewed at a temperature that felt a bit of breathless even over the regulator.

When the warmth is getting better, the guide's Mihas's slate says, “I would have put a hot spring in the wet suite”.

I’m so happy……lol

Putting happiness in the wet suit, and went over the temperate thermocline, it seems as if I had warped to the cold sea!! (even though the water temperature on this day was 27 degrees)

It’s super cold!!

When I think this is chilly feeling, she wrote on the slate “Put feet in the sand. It’s warm ~”

Taking off the fins and boots, sliding the feet into the sand for warmth ...

Oops! It’s super hot!!

This is unexpected.

It’s really hot.

Quickly pulled out my feet, exposed them to the cold-water sea, and pushed my feet for warmth again ... Repeatedly.

The temperature that is appropriate for the name of the seabed hot spring is still maintained here. I frolicked like a child with her.

I was really sad to leave there. While I went up to the water surface, I saw that bubbles are coming out of the sea floor in the distance. When I touch it, the bubbles that pop out are warm too.

Then s. Hasumi said「Here you can feel like you are in a Jacuzzi」

Yes, it is like a Jacuzzi.

When viewed in a wide view, it was a little fantastic place.

By the way, according to a survey of Taketomi Town, the spring quality here is “chloride spring”, and it is said that it has an effect on the cut and the disorder of blood circulation and depression.

In addition, there is an average of 2500 tons of water a day, and the water temperature is 35 degrees on average, and it exceeds 25 degrees which is the requirement to become hot spring.

It was proved as reputable “hot spring”.

If you are in a situation where you are injured and feel hurt, it may both cure.!?

The point of submarine hot spring
You must request!

This is the third time I was interviewing Ishigaki, I wonder why she haven't been able to bring me to such a fun point! I asked her why we came to the seabed hot spring this time, and she said, “Oh, it's a point I don't use very often. You were lucky.

It is possible to go there if you ask, so please make a request!

Personally, the submarine hot spring is in my recommendation point which competes for the 1st and 2nd place in Ishigaki.

Well, I had a nice bath anyway, I'm going to continue coverage.

Uh, it was a real fun.

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