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【Breaking News】 A giant white shark has appeared at a diving point on Okinawa Island!

Are there a lot of divers who go to the sea by using the New Year holidays? During the New Year Diving, information came in that a huge big creature was witnessed at Okinawa Island. This article is Mr. Takaji Ochi's report.

January 2, 2018 (Tuesday)

The huge fish that was witnessed is about 5m in length and it is a huge great white shark! The place is a super big point called “Triangle 2” located in the place where it ran 40-50 minutes by boat south of Okinawa Main Island.

Who I encountered is Mr. Yuki Okumura. He has been diving for 7 years and working at a Drift Diving specialty store Dolista Diving Service.

According to Mr. Okumura, “This is called a phantom point, and it is a point that cannot be reached without good sea conditions.” As he says, it is a lucky point just for diving.

Fishing reefs are accumulated at this point, and it is said that the Scalloped hammerhead shark and the blacktip shark are often seen originally.

“It's unusual just to be able to see both of them on Okinawa Island,” says Mr. Okumura.

When I heard the story, the situation was around 8:30 am, while the ocean was still dim, Mr. Okumura swam at the top as a guide. He drifted together with a total of 15 shop staffs and guests.

Also on that day, they witnessed a blacktip shark and went down to the bottom, and suddenly a huge shark appeared from another direction.

“Usually, if a shark comes out, I just drive into them, but at this time, it was too big, and I hesitate a moment at first. The nearby fishing reef is about 2m in length, so it was estimated as 5m big probably. I was so excited! As it was the first time I saw a great whale shark while diving.”

He was very excited, but he calmly said “If he doesn’t have a clasper (male genital), he is a female because he has a big belly and seemed like pregnant”

“Some of the members who came with me did not know that they were great white sharks, but at the end of last year Mr. Ochi and some of the guests who went to Australia to see the great white sharks were super excited.

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