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The ocean floor moved! Over 100 eagle rays (Rhinoptera javanica) appeared! ~In Okinawa・Cape Maeda

A large group of eagle rays (Rhinoptera javanica ) appeared in the cape Maeda in Okinawa on 8the June 2017! They are more than 100.

According to Mr. Suzuki Shingo (kiki diving club) who found them, suddenly the ocean floor moved while he was looking for a Black sailfin goby.

The ground wavered.

「What?! What’s going on?!」

He carefully looked at the ground and there are more than 100 eagle rays (Rhinoptera javanica) swimming all at once.!

It is unbelievable……

Even a photograph is great enough, but the reality will be more overwhelming.

Mr. Suzuki got excited and took pictures in a fluster.

It is a very valuable photograph.

He is such a professional photographer.

If I were him, I cannot think about taking a photo and just gape at them.

We are not sure why they suddenly appeared, but they may still be nearby, if you plan to dive in Okinawa, don't miss it!

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