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Adorable Dardanus lagopodes carry a coral on their back!

A coral moved!?

I visit Kume island every year in May or June for shooting.

This is the best season to see the courtship or egg-laying of the fish, incubation and hatch out.

What touched the heartstrings of me this time is this.

Mr. Kawamoto (The guide at Estivant Shop) pointed at shallow…

「Is this just a small coral? No?」I was watching it and this small coral started moving. 「What? Why is this moving?」It was a Dardanus lagopode which was carrying the seashell that coral has taken root and has grown.

「Ohhh!It is very interesting!」I was excited to take a photo.

In Okinawa, this is the spawning season of corals. The guides upload about coral spawning on their Facebook or blog in everywhere.

In Kume island, it was a difficult situation to see it because of the sea condition. That’s why I imagined what if this coral on this hermit crab is spawning now… I was tempted to take it home, but I put up with it, and felt myself pulled by the hair from behind and left.

I have seen hermit crabs carrying shellfish with sea anemones, and crabs carrying sponges but never seen this hermit crab covered with corals beautifully in the whole shell. The kind of coral is Acropora. According to Mr. Kawaoto, he has seen it a couple of times, but this big size. I wonder what happens if this coral grows on the hermit crab.

I searched for ”hermit crab carrying a coral” on the search site, but this kind of hermit crab image did not appear. Is it that unusual? A new species of hermit crab carrying the coral itself seems to have been discovered last year.

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