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A shoal of Platax teira swimming in the form of Platax teira !? ~ The divers met swimmy on Kume island~

It's a huge Platax teira, but it sounds hollow... no no. A shoal of Platax teira is swimming in the shape of a Platax teira!
According to Ms. Yuki Nakajima (The guide of “Dive Estivant”), they were swimming in accordance with the swimming speed of the Platax teira while taking coordination with the guides. The guides put them close each other so that all the guests can enjoy seeing the Platax teira. At that time, she took this unique photo.

「In front of me, the Platax teira changed the shape of the shoal freely. I was enjoying seeing the beautiful shoal in the falling sun. In the next breath, they now Platax teiras -shaped!! It was “Swimmy” that I learned in class when I was in elementary school.

The Platax teira which was disorganized at first……

It becomes a huge Platax teira!

The shooting point this time is called「Grand View Turtle」located on Southwest of Kume island and it is famous for turtles.
A lot of turtle rest in the bottom of the water, and it is quite luxurious to be able to see the scene where the Platax teira swimming together all season.

Of course, it is a coincidence that the shape of the Platax teira is so perfect, but there is a high possibility to see it because they are always there!

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