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Took a spectacular photograph of the Dogtooth tuna and the Tiger shark. The reasons of why we get absorbed in “OGAN” in Iriomote island.

Visiting “OGAN” for the fourth time to find the visionary Bluefin trevally.

We visit Iriomote island every year to find “the visionary Bluefin trevally” which live at Sannone in OGAN. We were facing a hard challenge to find them since last year because of the drift of the tide. We set aside time in our diving schedule this year but couldn’t take a photograph even the drift of the tide seemed in a good condition.

The owner in Unarizaki Shop requested us to keep trying to take a nice photo of “the visionary Bluefin trevally”, we went back to the sea. We met a shoal of Bluefin trevally at the last moment but were not able to take a photo. This time was ended in an unfortunate result even though we successfully took a beautiful picture of a shoal of Bluefin trevally up till this year.
However, we successfully took a photo of more valuable scene this time…

It is…

A tiger shark appears!

We found a largish shark in front while taking photo of a shoal of the dogtooth tuna. We just thought it is a normal shark but suddenly heard that Mr. Moriwaki (The guide at Unarizaki Shop) were screaming.

We recognized a striped pattern on the shark.

We realized it is a tiger shark and calmly took a photo of him considering of the composition of the photograph.

This tiger shark is young male and it is about 2.5meters to 3meters in body length.
He took back a body as if attacking the front of a shoal but kept swimming at the top for a moment. He passed through all the divers and left them.

One of the attractions of “OGAN” is a sudden encounter a whopper.
According to Mr. Moriwaki, they often meet tiger sharks 4 to 5 times in a year at Sannone or Higashinone in OGAN, but this is the first time to successfully take a photo of the combination of the Dogtooth tuna and the Tiger shark.

I as an underwater photographer was very happy to hear that the diver in this ocean said it is the first scene he has ever met. The shooting record of the Bluefin trevally was broken in this year, but I convinced myself this result was enough to be satisfied. Mr. Moriwaki sent us a message right after we left Iriomote island that he met an Atlantic sailfish on that day.

Ah, that is why repeat customers are addicted to OGAN.


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