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Ishigaki Island, completed all Manta ray points. We encountered six Manta rays.

It has started rainy season in Okinawa. This is the second time that have small amount of rainfall in the past ten years. There is half amount of rain than average and it has been keep going sunny days more than we expected.

First two days since our shooting at MOSS DIVERS started at “TAKETOMIKITA”, “OSAKI AREA”, “TOKAKIN,” “SANDROCK” not good condition to shoot cause of rainy season. So, we could shoot only macro pictures.

We requested to go to Kuroshima direction which is south, but it is covered with a lot of cloud.

Big thick cloud is starting to cover the sky.

Some diver who went to North side sent message that it is nice weather here and they sent some pictures.

I thought I should have gone to south,but I can’t change the direction now.

I asked how about manta ray? They responded me that they saw one far away.

I was kind of relived to hear that.

I have one more reason to com this side.

There is the possibility to dive “PANARI BIG CORNER” where i have never dived before.

After diving at “KUROSHIMA THERAPY”, we went to “PANARI RYUGUDEN”. it is clear blue water and seems best in the summer. We wish to have clear sky then cloudy sky start to clear.

We want to back to the point of Manta ray. It seems difficult to dive because heaving see (roll).

We wanted to try to so we decide to go.

We got a lucky. The sky is clear, sunny and roll was weak then we thought. We are just happy to scuba over there but hoping to see one manta ray at least.

“PANARI BIG CORNER” is start to get famous spot where can see Manta ray since about two years ago.

“MANTA SCRAMBLE”, “MCP”, manta ray is coming on cleaning station over coral root.

Loot top is about 5m. It is hard to get in there if there is roll.

We found a Manta rays when we started to dive. one, two, three, four. We were lucky to see six manta rays.

There are four locations can see manta ray, north scrumble, “MCP”, “YONARA-SUIDO”, ”PANARI BIG CORNER”. Please check those locations.


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