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【Breaking news】 A large group of Mobula diabolus appeared in Manza of Okinawa ~ Successfully shooting movies ~

We got a great news, a cloud of Mobula as Mini Mantas (Decilray) was found at Manza dream hole which is famous diving spots in Okinawa on May 27th.

Mobula is cautious and it is difficult to take a pictures but, we succeeded to record a movie.

Here is the interview of M-base guide , Takanori Hatano who saw this situation.

— Mr. Hatano, Please let us know when you saw the Mini Mantas

Hatano: I was looking for the point where is called as pigmy sea horse at Manza dream hole.

I saw a brown block crack of coral. ‘’Is it root here?’’ I was keep watching big root then saw some clear spot. ‘’It moved!!!’’ The big root moved.

——Wow. I can imagine that you got very surprised.

Hatano: I couldon’t believe that I saw. I looked once and saw Many Mobula is everywhere. I think it was over 100sheets. I was so excited.

It was fourth dive and couldn’t go more deep to see Mobula but I prepared the camera. It was Macro mode and couldn’t take a photos but I switched movie mode and recorded.

——You must be nervous to see those situation suddenly when you were shooting macro sooting.

Hatano: Yes. I was totally surprised. It was first time so I did’t imagine that.

To tell the truth, I saw whale shark at Kerama in April. so I thought I should buy lottery this year.

—— Nice!!

If you dive with him, maybe miracle will be happen for you too?!

Produced by MUNENORI HATANO(M-Base)

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