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The mystery of the sea! Extensive exploitation of coral spawning extensively

Every diver must be want to see Coral Spawning at least once. At the night around full moon between May and September, it is majestic scene like the space to see bundle with eggs and sperms start to spread all over.

On May 30th, It was confirmed that there were coral spawning around at Okinawa. It was large area include Kerama, Henoko, Ishigaki and Iriomote.

We interviewed Mr.Soga, manager of Unarizaki Ishigaki. He has been recording a lot of data of coral spawning.

— We heard that there were lot of coral spawning this time. When did you see it?

Mr.Soga: I confirmed on May 30th. Actually I saw 29th and 31st either. May 30th was much more.

— Please let us know the situation at that time.

Mr.Soga: Fist entry was at 19:40. Coral spawning has started soon when I entered then I excited at 20:15. We enter the ocean at 21:30 again. We saw much more coral spawning after second entry. we confirmed it every where around me.
realized many people are excited in the ocean too. The cameraman, Ms. Murai Sachi also was there. she was very excited too.


——It is gorgeous. I heard it was confirmed not only Ishigaki island but also at Iriomote, Kerama, Henoko Is it rare?

Mr.Soga: It is known that coral spawning is usually occur at full moon. But, it has changed a few days bcause of weather, water tempature and sea conditions.
If all coral spawning of each location’s peak was 30th, that is amazing timing. If it is was happened about 400km far away, this is the sea mystic.

Here is the forecasted day of coral spawning of 2018.


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