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Underwater trick art museum? ~ Kumejima’s famous diving point ‘Tonbara’ First Experience ~

In the Okinawa island tour, the first visit was a shop in Kumejima.

Our photographer says, 'I was wondering how to shoot the appearance of the shop every year' Also the cut of the exterior which I liked arrived so sooo soon

The day after Kumejima arrives.
On this day, I decided to go to the Tonbara first in the morning.

What is 'Tonbara' ...
Popular in Kumejima It is known as the No. 1 diving point, the point for medium to advanced people.
In the summer it is a big fish migratory fish such as Dogtooth tuna and Barracuda, depending on the flow of the tide in winter, A hammerhead shark and a humpback whale, which is in a hot topic in recent years, are on the truth behind the summer point.

Briefing based on the guide required information from our guide for the information.

'I think that the tide is hitting south-southeast of Tonbura, so if so, I think that iso-magros are migrating around here. Actually, around here tuna is migrating all year round, The current time is migrating to the shallowest (winter is a bit deeper and moving), so we judge it as the best time to see it without difficulty.'

'If there is tuna, I will tell you the direction to turn around.If you and two people (the guide and I) went around, the flocks can not be separated and I think that it's easy to take a picture of entanglement with tuna afterwards It is ok if you come from the opposite side because I will be turning for the hardest person (the one with a lot of tides).'

The guide says that we are proud to guide in Kumejima.
There are only guides that take pictures with the camera themselves, they look at the sea at the shooting eyes and give accurate instructions.

'Is not it just a tuna that you can take a tuna alone? (Laugh) So, when you get involved with a person, the sea water strikes the rock and it's getting dangerous Is it better if the tuna were in the place where it was? The current time is the best for showing tuna. '

Tonbara is written as 'flying land' and it means roots that are a little away from the dialect of Okinawa.

According to the map of the Geographical Survey Institute, there are three sightseeing spots in the Amami District, Tonbara Rock, which are located a little away from the main island I understood that it was.

Reference:the Geographical Survey Institute

Although I took a picture when I climbed the Tonbara rock, I showed it, but when comparing the size of the rock with the person, the deck is obvious.
I thought that I climbed up to a high place! I do not see it as much as I actually do before tombara eyes.

Reference:Tsuyoshi Kawamoto

A wonder that does not look so big even if it approaches ...

I made a current check and went into the sea of Tonbara.
Swimming against the tide, there was a flock of Dogtooth tuna!
Although it was a small herd, even though it was a group, it was a small herd, but when you look closely closer at coming out with a half opening mouth, it is still big.

As the guide says, it is still just a tuna .... .

Dive in the ocean of Kumejima throughout the year, because it is a guide studying ecology and studying how to show the sea, I know the best way to show that sea.
As I said in briefing, 'Sea water hit the rocks and bashi tuna tuna'.

Sea water strikes the rocks Bashira tuna

Tonbara trick art !?
Illusion that the huge root created

From the single tuna, this one is more powerful and realistic as well as the topography of Kumejima, it is tripled.

Compared with professional guides and others, it is still a diving level of about chicks or deer, but even if I look up at the water surface, I can predict that it is roughly like deep water.

Tonbara is interesting with dynamic terrain created by each rock and can dive while enjoying the art created in the water.
Water temperature 27 degrees this day.
While floating comfortably ~ ~, when I look up at the surface of the water suddenly, the surface of the water is quite close.

That ~ did it make such a surprise? When I look at the dive computer, it's 11 meters.
that! What? Who? What? What?

Normally, the error from the expected water depth is 2 to 3 m at the most, but this time it is misplaced by more than 5m.
I reviewed the radish and the water surface again and again, but I could not feel like I was 11 meters.

Is it because the roots of tombara were too big?

From there it is no use that it seems like the landforms created by the roots of Donburra are like 'Underwater Trick Art Museum.
It is a mere illusion of the eyes, but please tell me who has impressions, such as a tonbara trick art that the water surface feels close, 'Oh, I felt that way!'

By the way, when I was looking at the topography of Tonbara, 'It is still deep, still deep, it is not deceived anymore', and I was covered with air bubbles coming from the bottom, this time it was really close to the water surface ... ·.

Please be aware of the rapid rise

Bonus · Sea slug flew!!

Below the delicious tuna, other guests grazed on the rock and watched the macro somehow.

It is a macro from tuna.

When thinking about what you are watching and approaching, it may be a companion of a macro if it talks about a macro, but, in terms of size, a huge sea slug that is difficult to be a macro ... ....

Hexabranchus sanguineus!

When you are gazing at the ..., fly!!!!

'Both are facing straight ahead, this is a good picture,' said the photographer.
Two, · · · · · · · · No, I do not even have words to return because I saw it as the same pose as I saw it.

Okinawa declared rainy season from today ... · · · Unbeaten by rain, Unbeaten by wind, I will continue to dive!
Tonbara, I feel right now.

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