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In Okinawa, you’re sure to find a diving point that meets your every desire.

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The charms of Okinawa’s seas

There’s a reason divers rave about Okinawa.

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Diving trip to Okinawa

Each diving point at the beach has a specialty, so you need to research what kind of diving possible while planning your trip.


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Divers well-versed in the earth’s oceans give praises to the waters of Okinawa.

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    Yohan EonoSightseer (lives in France)

    Enjoyed year-round by divers from all over the world! In the Mediterranean Sea and even the waters off Thailand and Malaysia, things gets murky in the off-season. Okinawa’s seas, however, stay extremely clear all year. Still another great thing about Okinawa is the unique underwater scenery of each of its islands. And Okinawa offers a ton of interesting things to do outside of diving, so you won’t get bored even if you’re staying for a while. Take the diving resorts of other countries, and you’re talking one week maximum! Okinawa’s waters meet the various preferences of divers from all over the world, and provide as much enjoyment to the solo traveler as to couples or even families!

  • Ryotaro SoraDive shop owner (and Okinawa resident)

    Settles in Okinawa after working in overseas dive shops After working in Thailand, Saipan, and other countries at dive shops catering to Western tourists, I’ve ended up running a shop here in Okinawa. The nice thing about Okinawa’s seas is “balance.” While there is an abundance of fish, the waters remain extremely clear, and from geographic landforms to coral and sunken ships, there is no lack of visual entertainment. But above all else, I’m be impressed at how safe Okinawa is, and how hospitable its inhabitants!

  • Doug BennettNAUI Course Director Trainer,
    Technical Instructor(and Okinawa resident)

    The diversity of sea life here is unmatched anywhere in the world. Okinawa truly offers some of the most diverse diving I have ever experienced, you can go from a beautiful coral reef with macro life for dive one and the second dive be an adrenaline charged drift dive with pelagics on the same day. Okinawa also offers wreck diving and some incredible drift and night diving.
    The variety and diversity of the corals and sea life here is unmatched anywhere in the world.

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Enjoy Okinawa to your heart‘s content both before and after diving. Learning more about Okinawa beforehand is sure to make your trip more enriching.

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Photo by Takaji Ochi , Takuya Nakamura

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